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Expect domination on entry ...

Mistress Ava may be petite, but don’t let that fool you – she will easily have you begging for mercy. Make sure to approach with complete respect and humility if you want her to take notice of you..

Mistress Ava is a true lifestyle Dominant with specialisation in a variety of different methods of training, torture and play. 

Sessions with Mistress Ava can range from sensual and intimate, to sadistic and torturous. They can be more erotic in nature, or more platonic and about aiding your self-exploration - whatever your style, she would be delighted to meet with you and discuss the vital role she can play making your most beautiful dream or worst nightmare come true.

Mistress Ava loves sessions with all types of people and does not discriminate against anyone – she always gets especially excited for sessions with women, couples, differently abled folk and those in the LGBTQ+ community.


Please click here to let Mistress Ava know about your kinks and your fantasies - she will get back to you to arrange a session catering to your desires.

Mistress Ava is a lifestyle fetishist, researching and practicing kink on a personal level since 2010. In 2016 she entered into financial domination and conducting fetish and fantasy sessions online and over the phone. Shortly after this, she began working as an independent dominatrix in Western Sydney, specialising in mostly psychological forms of play. Much of her sessions at this time were erotic worship/domination, physical and verbal humiliation, and training domestic servants. Mistress Ava became well known as the go-to-Mistress for humiliation and service oriented domination, however, she was eager to explore other facets of kink and BDSM and add more skills to her repertoire. In 2018 she joined the astounding team at Temple 22 where she learned a vast array of new skills and found a love for heavy discipline and medical play amongst other things. At the closure of Temple 22 in 2019, Mistress Ava returned to independent work with many newfound skills and devious new friends (of the dominant and submissive varieties) which she still loves to invite to sessions, should you wish for more than one practitioner to fulfil your fantasy. 


For all session enquiries, please click here.

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