Frequently asked questions

Is VAT included in the price?

Yes at the current VAT rate.

Will you deliver if I am not there?

Yes we will deliver and follow clear instructions as to where you would like your firewood. We accept on line payment.

Are you replacing trees that you cut down?

All our logs come from trees that have been felled as a result of ‘thinning’ woodland. When trees are first planted they are planted over thick to ensure they do not suffer wind blow and to encourage them to grow tall (upwards not outwards) . The woodland needs thinning regularly over a long period of time as the woodland matures. We do not clear fell anything !

Why are your logs not kiln dried?

We leave our logs in lengths to season naturally and then we process them into large 1.5 m3 slatted timber boxes that allow air to flow around the logs. These boxes are stored under cover in a shed with no sides until we are happy they are dry enough.

We do not believe that kiln drying logs is environmentally friendly. Our logs may not be as dry as kiln dried material but with stacking, storage and pre-burning management there is no difference.

How big are your logs?

Our logs are cut to 20cm (8”) long on the firewood processor. The logs are then either left whole (round) or split 2, 4 or 6 ways depending on their circumference. The thickness of the logs is therefore more random than the length but we cut and split them to fit the majority of open fires and wood-burners.

What do I do with the empty barrow bag?

We charge a deposit of £5 per barrow bag delivered. You can either hang on to the bags and we will swap full ones for empty ones on the next delivery or you can return them to our farm for a refund.

How do I order?

Please call Richard on 07884 667138 and he will take your order or provide you a quote for your needs.

Is there a delivery charge?

There is no charge for deliveries within a 5 mile radius of our farm. If you live more than 5 miles from our farm we will quote the delivery cost to you on your enquiry. Please provide a postcode in order that we can calculate the delivery charge.

Frequently asked questions





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