What services do you offer?

I am a professional dominatrix and fetish/fantasy provider. I offer a range of BDSM/kink services. I would love to chat and tailor a session to your fantasies and desires. Go fill out the pre-session form on my website and I will contact you soon after to discuss what we can do.

Do you offer full service?

I offer full service on a discretionary basis, usually only to repeat clients, and only if I feel like it works well in the context of our session. It is not something that all clients should expect to receive and it does incur a significant extra charge.

Do you give hand relief or offer blow jobs?

Yes, but on a discretionary basis, and only if it fits in well with the context of our session.

What is findom exactly?

Well findom is where an individual feels compelled to give their hard earned money to another person whom they have identified as a superior that is more deserving of their money. A finsub doesn't give me money expecting anything in return, they give it simply because they know I am more deserving of it and they love to see me spending that money on nice things. Occasionally if a finsub has been very good. I will indulge their other fetishes, but that is at my discretion. A finsub will generally give a regular agreed tithe (a percentage of their income) but will also give extra tributes/gifts. There are many different ways financial domination and submission can manifest itself. If you're interested in finding out more about it and how you can financially submit to me, contact me.

What is a prodomme?

A professional Dominant - someone who engages in domination sessions/play in return for an agreed upon sum of money.

Are you just a Findomme? Or a Prodomme too?

I am a professional dominant who also has a fetish for financial domination. Financial domination is simply one fetish I have amongst many others. I've had some people express to me that they're unsure if they should book in with me for a session because they're "not into findom" - what you must remember is that any fetish/kink play should be well negotiated between all participating individuals, and everything should be consented to by all. Basically, I will only engage in the kinks and fetishes that YOU have expressed you would like to engage in and I will not subject you to anything that poses a limit for you (unless you have specifically told me that it is a limit you want pushed).

Mistress, how much for a session with you?

Well that depends on what kind of session, what exactly you want in the session, how long you want the session to go for, if you want any extras etc. etc. Light sessions begin at $300 for an hour, but depending on the content of the session, this price may increase. The best thing you can do to get an accurate idea of how much your session will cost is to fill out my pre-session form and wait for my response with further details.

Can I tribute you? How much do you want me to send as a tribute?

I am so tired of this question. Just send! Send all you have. Send all you can. The point of a tribute is that it is a gift to me and a sacrifice for you. There is no set amount - $5 to cover my morning coffee; $50 to cover my next pedicure; $500 to cover my new outfit - just send. Send to impress me. Send to make me happy. Send to turn me on. Send to turn yourself on. Send for our mutual pleasure.

Ok, but what does my tribute get me?

Read the answers to question 4 and question 8 again. How do you still not understand that a tribute is a gift and it's rude to expect things in return for a gift, especially a gift you are giving to a superior. You should be giving a tribute simply because you gain pleasure from the act of giving and because you know I deserve it and you should be humbled and grateful if you do get anything from me in return.

How does a session with you work?

  1. Fill out a pre-session form where you will detail your kinks/what you enjoy as well as your soft and hard limits, and if it is a real time session, any injuries you have or anything else I should be aware of.
  2. I will then respond to you as soon as I can with some further details and a quote of the costs.
  3. You will then be prompted to pay a deposit and book in your session.
  4. The day before the session I will provide you with the exact address and/or other instructions necessary for you to know prior to session commencement.
  5. As for the details of the session, sessions do not run to a minute by minute schedule. I am tired of people booking in a foot worship session for example and then asking "so how exactly is the session going to work?" - if you want to discuss in more depth how the session will work prior to booking your session, you can book in a phone, text, or skype session with me where we can discuss it all. Understand though that no two sessions are the same so I can't give you a complete and accurate picture of what exactly will happen.... but you'll enjoy it.... trust me.

Can't I just pay it all in cash on the day? Why do I have to pay a deposit online?

If you had any idea about how many people book in sessions with me and then never show up, then you would understand why I can't do this. There are significant costs involved on my end and I require a deposit to ensure my time and effort is not disrespected. I'm sure you're probably the exception and you would turn up with the cash just right and it would be fine, but I've heard that so many times before and still those guys that promised and promised they'd show up didn't show.

The deposit is my security that you will actually turn up and it is also for your security - to give you the piece of mind that your session is fully booked in and will definitely go ahead.

Will you send me nudes?

I am starting to make my nudes available, but currently only on patreon.com/mistressava and only for the right price (top tier subscriptions).

I want to do a Skype session with you but I want to connect on Skype first before I pay any money. I'll pay once it's connected okay?

ALL sessions must be paid in full before they are entered into. You are welcome to pay a small connection fee first for a quick pre-session discussion, but then you will be prompted to pay the rest prior to the session actually beginning - but there is no way I will connect a call with someone who hasn't yet paid anything. It is disrespectful to ask me to do so.

I want to book with you but don't want my wife to see "Mistress Ava" on my bank statement... what else can I do?

Lucky for you, I offer discreet billing.
When you book or pay for something through my website, it comes up on your bank statement as "Superior Services" - you can say this is anything from a mechanic to a home cleaning service, to a dry cleaner, or anything else that might work for your situation. So if that's what you're worried about then you shouldn't be. If you're still not convinced, I can accept cardless cash (shows up simply as an ATM withdrawal on your statement), Beem It (shows up simply as "Beem It" on your statement), or in some cases I can even accept gift cards. I have a range of options and one should suit you to pay for your deposit.

Can you wear the same socks for two weeks for me? Can you wee in the underwear I'm buying from you?

Yes I can complete many custom requests like these but they incur an extra charge above my normal one day wear items. With requests such as these you can expect the prices of items to approximately double, so do not message me with your requests unless you have the funds to back up your requests.

Can I meet you first to discuss the session or can we Skype or talk on the phone?

Yes you can, but every single meeting with me incurs its own charge. When you book a session with me (especially a real time session) you will be directed to fill in a pre-session form which I use to gauge your experience, your kinks, your limits etc. I also always spend a couple of minutes at the start of a session ensuring we are both on the same page and ensuring we are both comfortable. After the session I also take the time to debrief with you and make sure you got what you wanted out of the session and are ok. If you still wish to book in a time prior to the session to talk face to face then this will be charged.* If you wish to speak on the phone prior to the session, you will be directed to my niteflirt or iwantphone line where it will be charged per minute. If you wish to Skype beforehand you will need to pay for this too. By the same token if you feel you need more aftercare than provided in session then I have special niteflirt and iwantphone lines specifically for that or you can meet with me or Skype with me but you will be charged.*
* The charge for pre-/post-session discussions are at a discounted rate to my usual calls/meets, but my time and attention does not come for free.

Frequently  Asked   Questions