Gym Socks

Gym Socks

How would you like to own socks that were owned and worn by Mistress Ava?
But not just standard every day wear - these will be worn by me during my gym work outs!


Here's how you can:

  1. Choose the socks you would like for me to wear.
  2. Buy this listing - select the underwear you would like and the length of wear. 
  3. I wear the socks for the specified length of time. I'll also take a few sexy photos of me wearing them!
  4. I take off the socks after the specified time is up, pop them in a zip lock bag and seal it up to contain the sweat and scent (so they're as fresh when they arrive to you as they were when I took them off!)
  5. Wait for them to arrive in their discreet packaging. The socks will be accompanied by a couple of hardcopy photos of me wearing them.
  6. Enjoy and come back to buy some more!



  • This listing is for my gym socks (currently available options are pictured).
  • This listing is for socks worn when I am working out. They can be work for between 1 and 7 workouts.
  • I can accomodate most custom requests in terms of particular styles/colours/fabrics as well as requests for extra soiling. You can contact me via the contact form on my website to discuss a custom purchase. 
  • Return Policy

    Due to the nature of this item, there are strictly no exchanges, returns or refunds.